Background on founding on TSI

So, this post might be a bit boring. But I’m procrastinating and I’m pretending this is a good way to pass the time.

I have already written a post about the ideologies behind TSI , but this one is a bit more about my personal reasons for starting this.

I have always tried to be relatively active and sporty, since primary school through to university.  By the end of my second year I work out that I was trans and so started on the long and brutal journey of transition.

I felt uncomfortable joining gendered university teams, so i starred using the uni gym more. I started to get a proper routine going when my psychologist recommended that it would hell manage my ADHD along with other mental health conditions. Though this I noticed that as my body started to change (painfully slowly) I was becoming more confident and more comfortable with my body.

I had always struggled with gym work (apart form the time and effort required) as the body shape that i wanted was not seen as “typically ladylike”. Now I finally was able to get the body shape that I wanted. (Yes I know it is a bit of a stereotype that a guy has to go for a muscular physic, but it worked for me).

The regular routine made it easier to keep the habit, and  planned it to work around my class schedule. Once my basic fitness improved I started going more regularly.

An interesting side effect that I noticed in particular was that as my chest become more muscular i was becoming less dysphoric about my chest. In theory a reduction in body fat can lead to a reduction in beast size, but more the fact that I was slowly just becoming more aware of the muscle there than my (larger than average moobs). It is also a good habit to get into if you wish to get top surgery in the future.

Note: If you do do regular chest workouts, it can increase the size of your chests and back, which is important to bear in mind if you bind. It is also not advisable to bind the day of or after a heavy chest workout, as you might injure yourself.

But : as a guy that cannot bind for even close to the 8+ hours that is safe to bind, (my day is longer than 8 hours long and it hurts), then I found this to be a useful solution. Disclaimer: it is not perfect. I do still bind and still do get dysphoric , but it is now a lot more manageable.

TSI really came about because I tried to get my mates more involved and come work out with me. But if you become that guy that is always badgering your mates to go to the gym then you so don’t end up with any mates. They also all had the recurring issues of cost and dysphoria, as well as effort.

The ISE (Dundee uni gym) has always done cool work with the University when it came to healthy study campaign and working with groups such as people with disabilities and OAPs. So I figured it might be worth a chat with the head of the ISE to see if there was anything they would be able to do. I cannot thank them enough for what we have been able to put together.


For more information, or if interested in taking part , follow the link to our Facebook group.

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